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Finding a therapist can be an overwhelming experience. My goal is to help you make that choice with confidence and ease. While most people start by looking for therapy that will be covered by their insurance, there are additional factors to consider when making your choice of whom to trust as your therapist. I invite you to consider the information I’ve included in my site to see if I might be that person. Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Our work together is designed to bring about whatever changes you are hoping for in your life. My approach is relationship driven and person-centered, which means I don’t try to fit you into the way I “do” therapy; rather, I meet each person, couple, or family with an open-mind, deeply listening to the lived experience that is shared so together we can engage in the healing process in a way that is respectful to you and your family’s values, perceptions, and beliefs.

Therapy begins with being seen, heard, understood, and cared for by someone like myself who has the training and experience to offer you strategies for living a fulfilling life with balance, ease, health, and joy!



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I am not a doctor trying to “fix” you or your family; instead, I work with individuals, couples, children and families to develop the knowledge and skills you desire to transform your health and well-being.

For this, we establish agreements throughout our time together about the content and process of therapy. My role is to be completely present, to listen with compassion and non-judgement while offering concrete, clear and proven strategies for you to choose from. Your role is to share with me in whatever way feels comfortable and safe for you. Together, we create a plan for you to bring forward into your life to establish lasting change.

The approaches I draw from include, but are not limited to:

If you have a particular psychological theory you would like to explore, please ask me.

Children and Families
Mindfulness practices
Mood management
Attention, Memory and Focus

Impulse Control
Regulating Emotions
Executive Function Skill Development
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
School challenges
Stress Reduction techniques
Chronic physical illness

These are general categories without specific details. Feel free to email me so we can talk about your needs.



why is this so hard?

When children have challenging behavior, parents may feel overwhelmed, helpless, angry, confused and fearful. Many say to me, “I’ve tried everything! Nothing works.” I understand this is how it feels to you and to many other parents whether they admit it or not! I have worked with children, adolescents, and families in a variety of settings for over 25 years including as a preschool teacher, mental health consultant, trainer, coach and therapist.

I have developed an integrated approach for working with children with challenging behavior for parents and teachers that relies on evidence-based practices set in a framework of understanding children and adolescent’s behavior from a brain, mind, and relationship perspective. Rather than focusing solely on correcting behaviors, or worse simply punishing children for those behaviors, I will teach you a framework for how to prevent challenging behavior by promoting social and emotional skills. When challenging behavior does occur, and it will, you will have a systematic approach for how to respond rather than react.

Children Playing
Kids Sharing
Parent and Child
Family Bonding
It will get better...

For counseling with children and their parents, I have drawn from Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline as well as the Teaching Pyramid framework to create my approach, called AWARE Parenting, that brings in elements of these evidence-based approaches coupled with principles from the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). Based on the emerging principles of IPNB, I help parents understand the brain reasons for their child’s behavior in order to learn strategies to teach children desired behaviors in the context of an attuned, loving relationship for powerful, lasting change.

Let’s talk about how I can help you and your family. Please email me.



Private pay

I am a private pay practice. I accept cash and check for payment. A sliding scale for the fee may be provided based on availability. Please feel free to ask before you decide you can’t afford therapy. I will work with you to make counseling affordable.

My fee is $175 which includes both the 50-minute session as well as the time I spend preparing for our work together. Planning for our sessions may include research, development of strategies, and updating your treatment plan. I do not accept insurance.


The American Mental Health Alliance has a summary of things to consider before you decide whether to use your health insurance for therapy. Please visit American Mental Health Alliance (AMHA) website for detailed information these considerations.

I believe that confidentiality and collaboration with the client on treatment are critical and, accordingly, I do not accept insurance nor do I bill insurance companies for clients. I will provide you with the needed information for you to submit copies of receipts to your insurance carrier and you can pursue reimbursement if, given the information above, you so desire.

If you would still like to explore using insurance, please contact your provider to find out if they will cover my services as an Out-of-Network Provider and what you need to submit to be reimbursed.

in the client's words...

My experience with Laura…so many amazing things I want to say about her and her skills. She is warm and relaxing, I never felt judged. She was able to give me the skills with my anxiety issues to re-focus my thoughts and with that came a long hard journey of weight loss. Laura also helped me with some deep rooted anger I had towards my father and pretty much repaired our relationship. If you have issues with yourself, your family, or no issues at all but want someone to bounce your thoughts off of, Laura is your girl. She is so wise I nicknamed her Yoda, and believe me, it holds true.

"I'm a survivor of childhood trauma and have done a LOT of work and study over the years. I have very high standards for a therapist and have seen many I wouldn't go back to. If I feel like I know more than my therapist, it won't work. My experience with Laura was exceptional. She is very smart and intellectually capable, while also being caring and compassionate. I liked that it wasn't just talk. Laura lead me through specific exercises, that were based on modern research and brain science. She also gave me techniques I could try on my own. She was very open-minded, and integrated her recommendations with holistic practices I already had found effective for me. Laura's genuine nature made it easy for me to establish a trust. Laura was completely present, and fully vested in my growth & healing at every session."

in the client's words...
in the client's words...

"As most men, I was on the fence about seeking therapy. I'm so glad I got past it and went through it with Laura. The therapy doesn't go on forever and it's about getting to the root of your issues. However, the best part was the experience of having someone sincerely LISTEN, without talking over me or judging in any way. Laura is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."


Laura Fish

About me

I believe physical, mental, and spiritual health are tantamount to a fulfilling life. Daily movement for me is coupled with ongoing meditation and mindfulness practices, both formal and informal. These practices enhance my ability to be present for each moment, navigate life’s challenges, and remain receptive to what “is” without judgment. I chose a profession that would afford me the opportunity to bring this passion for integrated living to others who might be suffering and for those who desire collaboration with an attuned other as they seek growth.

My interest in counseling began while attending the University of California at Berkeley, where I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. While earning my Masters in Counseling from San Diego State University, I worked as a pre-school teacher, which sparked my passion for working with children and families.

Since that early start, I have worked as a therapist with child, adolescent and adult populations in various settings:

While I have extensive experience counseling all ages, I have unique expertise in early intervention helping familes, young children and teachers learn strategies to promote social and emotional development and prevent challenging behavior. Starting early to prevent future challenges.

It’s an honor to be invited into a person’s life as a trusted source of support and guidance. To show my gratitude, I provide my client’s with an environment of openness, attunement, non-judgment, and compassion so they can manifest the changes they hope to achieve. Whether I’m working with individuals, couples, families with children, or adolescents the same tenets apply and provide the foundation for the therapeutic process.

Laura Fish MS, LMFT
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Please take a few moments to read and sign my Privacy Practices and Informed Consent documents. You will need to bring these to your first session along with the Intake Form, which can be completed online before printing if you choose. Thank you for attending to these documents in advance. I will be happy to answer any of your questions at our first session.

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